Preschool-12 Dual Language Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

NERDL: Silicon Valley - Gütersloh - Shanghai - Tokyo

NERDL: Silicon Valley - Gütersloh - Shanghai - Tokyo

GISSV's learning platform NERDL is a helpful tool for distance learning in Silicon Valley as well as other German schools.



NERDL Guetersloh


As we go into our fifth day of distance learning tomorrow, we are grateful that most secondary school teachers at GISSV have had excellent preparation working with our learning platform NERDL for many years already. 

To give the students a framework for their work at home in conjunction with the students’ regular schedule, former Head of School Martin Fugmann together with former Vice Head of School Sebastian Geus and Jenny Jungeblut had developed the platform a few years ago. 

In the meanwhile NERDL has been implemented at other schools such as ESG Gütersloh in Germany as well as the German Schools Abroad in Shanghai, China and Tokyo, Japan.

"Lernen wie im Silicon Valley" (Learning as in Silicon Valley): Click here for an article (in German) that explains the advantages of this learning platform. 

Thank you to all the teachers that are making it happen! We are still amazed!