Preschool-12 Dual Language Education in
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School Cone Ceremonies 2022

School Cone Ceremonies 2022

Per GISSV tradition, we welcomed our new first grade students with a special ceremony.

Our San Francisco school community celebrated on Monday as well as our Mountain View community on Tuesday the school entry and "Schultüten" (school cone) ceremony.

We're happy to welcome all new students and families to GISSV!

Head of School Kathrin Röschel together with Head of Elementary School Gale Adams-Davis welcomed students and parents. A thank you to Deputy Consul General Elena Simms for her warm and sincere speeches to our community!

But before school could start for our first graders, Gale Adams-David together with teacher Tina Huhnke (in San Francisco) and teachers Dr. Lena Klauser and Beatrice Ledebur (in Mountain View) handed over the very special school cones.

🔊 See the video and turn on the sound to listen to Mountain View students singing a welcome song to our new families.