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Schule der Vielfalt - School for Diversity

Schule der Vielfalt - School for Diversity

We are excited to announce that GISSV is project partner in the network Schule der Vielfalt!

...the first official project partner abroad!

We held a small, but meaningful gathering on the Mountain View Campus for the "Schule der Vielfalt” (School for Diversity) inaugural event today – with video greetings by Frank G. Pohl, Project Coordinator from Schule der Vielfalt/Leiter NRW-Fachberatungsstelle, and speeches and presentations by German Consul General Hans-Ulrich Südbeck, Head of School Kathrin Roeschel, Director of San Francisco Campus Daniela Wehmeyer, and Board President Dr. Horst Groesser. GISSV Diversity Committee members high schoolers Katharina St. and Lena N. read the school's Diversity Statement and YCIS Principal Crystal Vaught presented a special student's artwork for the campus which addresses diversity at school.

After signing the commitment letter by Diversity Committee members, the Consul General, the Head of School, and our Board President, – as his last event for and with GISSV Consul General Südbeck together with Katharina St. and Lena N. (and a little extra help 😉 ) unveiled the plaque.

"At GISSV, we actively embrace our differences and celebrate diversity."

We are deeply committed to making a difference and empowering our students to do the same. Thank you to our Faculty Diversity Committee (Jenny Jungeblut, Jessica Guidotti, Alissa Roedig, Hannah Wexler, and Daniela Wehmeyer), who, together with our High School student participants (Emma, Sophie (grade 11), Lena, Katharina (grade 10), and Kimi (grade 12), contributed to this initiative and to the Diversity Statement!

The big community celebration in Mountain View and San Francisco will take place in the fall. Stay tuned!


Commitment of GISSV

We want to be a “School of Diversity”. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. 

We show our dedication through this public display of the label “Schule der Vielfalt” at our school. 

We will provide information about our activities for promoting diversity and condemning all forms of discrimination annually and publicly. 

We are convinced: Appreciation of diversity in all its dimensions has a positive impact on our society. We will do our part. 

Plans for 2021-22

  • Staff Development Training (ongoing)
    • Racism Awareness
    • LGTBQ+ Awareness
    • Mental Health Awareness
  • Community Events
    • Schule der Vielfalt Celebration
    • Library Book Exhibitions
    • Collaboration with YCIS (ongoing)
  • Curriculum Development (ongoing)
    • Black History Month
  • Student Initiatives
    • International (Food) Culture Day (ongoing)

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