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Two Locations in the Bay Area

St. Martin & Lantern Parades at GISSV

St. Martin & Lantern Parades at GISSV

On both our campuses we celebrated the tradition of St. Martins Day.

San Francisco Campus

In the spirit of the season we celebrated our annual SF Laternenfest last Saturday – And it was wonderful! After learning the story of sharing and compassion around St. Martin the families went on a lantern parade through the beautiful Presidio.

Thank you to co-chairs Alex Ewers and Susanne Gottstein and all the volunteers for the fantastic work. You made the lights in community shine truly bright and thank you to all the friends who joined from the Mountain View campus.

photo credit: Carol Hink and Martin Bormeister


Mountain View Campus

On our Mountain View Campus we celebrated Lantern Festivals in the beginning of November with our Elementary students as well as our Kibili children.

After listening to the story of the soldier Martin, who shared his coat, the families went on a lantern parade through our neighboring Whisman Park.

Thank you to everyone who helped making those events so special for the GISSV children and families.

photo credit: Kibili > Marion Zilger | Elementary > Lena Klawohn