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Students on Stage 2021|22

Students on Stage 2021|22

Our concert series Students on Stage that showcases our students' talents has been a highlight of GISSV traditions. And the series could finally continue in person in 2022.

For our events on our Mountain View Campus we invited the GISSV community to the MV Multipurpose Room in the beginning of June to celebrate the return to live performance. One night fantastic performers from Middle School wowed the audience and the next evening Elementary and High School performers did the same once again.

The San Francisco edition took eventually place this week: Together with the families we enjoyed the performances of our amazing San Francisco talents and celebrated several milestones of the students: the achievements of grade 4 as they leave elementary school and especially grade 8 as they look towards high school. (photos below)

A special thank you to GISSV's Director of Music Performance Dr. Marie-Louise Catsalis and all our fantastic teachers!

For the musicians of GISSV the last month has been very busy: a series of 4 Students on Stage events, Graduation and the virtual Musical Theater Night. If you missed our performances, please see last week's Brief for the recording links.

At the Students on Stage performances, we did a fundraiser for the Amy Biehl Foundation. In total we raised $817. Many people wanted to donate but didn't have cash. If you would like to donate, please click here and mark your donation GISSV Musicians. We will report on the new year what the final total is.

Students on Stage - Mountain View:

Photos MV: Tanja Zimmermann, Richard Denkhaus, and Thomas Spahn

Students on Stage - San Francisco:

Photos MV: Katja Koehler