Preschool-12 Dual Language Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

Students on Stage Events 2022|23

Students on Stage Events 2022|23

Our Students on Stage events on both our campuses were an absolute delight as our students took the stage and captivated us with their incredible performances! 

The four events showcased their talents to amazed audiences, leaving us all in awe.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the performers, the dedicated teams behind the scenes including our exceptional music educators:

Music Director Marie-Louise Catsalis, Head of Classroom Music Alissa Roedig (MV), Barbara Troy (SF), and all 
our fantastic music teachers who have nurtured and mentored our students with utmost dedication.

Photo Credit: Katja Koehler (MV E), Alex Troy (SF), Tanja Zimmermann (MV M), Jenny Jungeblut (MV H)