Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

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A dynamic, cohesive experience from grade to grade

GISSV’s preschool-12 structure and broad liberal arts-based educational approach enables us to integrate hands-on learning activities, creativity and academic challenges into the school experience at every age. While fully immersed in the German and English languages, our students are exposed to a broad variety of academic subjects, extracurricular activities, community service opportunities, professional experts, and real-life experiences that equip them with a comprehensive outlook on the world, their abilities and talents, and the different academic fields of study.

We place the needs and interests of students at the center and help our students be well-rounded, socially responsible, linguistically competent and culturally aware. Our program is designed to develop the whole child to prepare each student to enter the world with the tools and knowledge to succeed in the 21st century. Our outstanding faculty and small class sizes are essential components of GISSV. Our innovative, individualized teaching techniques, comprehensive curriculum and support systems ensure a motivating and exciting learning environment for all students.

Our bilingual education nurtures an awareness for different cultures and countries and instills a deep appreciation of diversity in our students, who grow up to be true world citizens.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are at the heart of the GISSV experience. We pride ourselves in our caring, highly qualified, experienced and international faculty, most of whom have gone through Germany’s rigorous teacher training and hold an advanced German degree (Master's equivalent). We believe in the importance of continuity and a strong bond between student and teacher for optimal learning success. Most of our teachers stay with a class as homeroom teacher throughout the course of one four-year school division.