Preschool-12 Dual Language Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

Dual Language Learning

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GISSV's Dual-Immersion Concept for Effortless Language Acquisition in German and English.

Our dual-immersion concept is designed for the needs of international students, regardless of the language spoken at home. It offers children an effortless, natural language acquisition in both German and English. At GISSV, both languages are used for social as well as academic communication.

For Kibili (preschool and kindergarten) children, language learning happens in a playful and multi-sensory way. Each Kibili class has one German and one English teacher, both of whom stick to one language while with the group. This immersive approach allows for easy and natural language acquisition at an early age.

Depending on the child's ability in both German and English, GISSV offers special programs at all grade levels that support language acquisition and fluency. While we welcome children in our Kibili program with no prior knowledge of German, we recommend its acquisition as early as possible.

In elementary school and up, admission decisions are made individually based upon language assessments. In grades 1 and 2, German is the primary language of instruction. For English, the emphasis is initially on oral language acquisition and comprehension, with more formal instruction and subject areas added as students progress through the grades. Upon high school entry, the distribution of classes taught in German and English is again 50/50.


Fast Track Program

For students entering GISSV in grades 5 and 6 - with advanced oral skills or Level A2 language skills - we offer our German Fast Track Program.

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One language sets you in
a corridor for life.
Two languages open every door along the way.

Frank Smith, psycholinguist