Preschool-12 Dual Language Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

Elementary School (1-4)


Active Learning and Dual Language Education 

Students in our elementary school are introduced to the fundamentals of active learning and accountability. Our curriculum focuses on language development in German and in English and building mathematical competencies. We also support the social-emotional development of each individual child as well as fostering their creativity.



Thoughtful Teaching

We help our students master fundamental skills as well as discover and pursue their interests and talents. Our safe and nurturing environments support individual and group learning. By applying differentiated and project-based teaching methods, our highly qualified teachers are responsive to the academic and developmental needs of each student. We provide the individual attention that is important during these foundational years, while creating projects that encourage collaboration, conflict resolution and critical thinking. This is accomplished with our unique homeroom teacher system where students are with the same teacher for 2-4 years which fosters a close relationship between the students, parents and the teachers.

Rich Learning Experiences

Our well-rounded dual language, interdisciplinary curriculum builds on acquired skills as our students progress through the grades. We help students gain language and quantitative competencies and actively involve them in physical education, the arts, technology and experimental science discovery. Our classes explore the world around them through frequent field trips, including overnight stays, to local destinations. Through small class sizes as well as a buddy system with our middle school students and several all-school community-building events, we strive to create a strong sense of belonging and confidence for our elementary children. Our students learn to work collaboratively with others and become independent, deliberate thinkers.