Preschool-12 Dual Language Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

College Counseling

The college counselors at GISSV Mountain View help students and parents navigate the academically demanding path to American and European universities.

Working closely with each student, the counselors establish clearly defined and realistic academic goals consistent with the student’s aptitude. GISSV's small high school classes enable close monitoring of students as they work to simultaneously fulfill all the requirements of the German International Abitur and the CA High School Diploma.

Starting with an Informational evening at the beginning of each school year, parents and students are introduced to the different university systems and their entry requirements.
Students at GISSV are encouraged to personally take charge of their academic success by developing their interests, exploring and defining their talents, and seeking support and advice whenever necessary. Despite the high academic level at the school, the goal of counseling is not just to send students to Ivy League schools, but to offer them an educational experience that allows them to explore their individual potential while making informed, realistic and responsible decisions.

Marcea Eckhardt
College Counselor 

Christiane Schwadten
German College & Career Counselor

Studying in Germany

Studying in the US and Internationally