Preschool-12 Dual Language Education in
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Deeper Learning @ GISSV

Our school is, and has always been, inspired by the transformative energy of its location–in the heart of Silicon Valley. We are constantly innovating and transforming education to prepare our students to master the challenges of the 21st century. One example of that innovation is the deeper learning approach. 

This approach combines the rigor of the German curriculum with project-based learning experiences. In these projects, students learn to tackle complex problems creatively using their critical thinking skills, collaborate effectively in teams, and communicate their ideas convincingly. Our Deeper Learning units have been refined over many years, and we replace various traditional exams with "complex assignments" in which students have voice and choice. 

source: Xenia Gäckle, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg | Enlarge.



Interdisciplinary Deeper Learning Project in 10th grade

One example of a deeper learning project is our interdisciplinary start-up project, where our 10th-grade students worked in teams to create a start-up designed to solve complex problems. For example, in the 21/22 school year, one group tackled the issue of diet-related diseases. They developed an idea for a start-up ("Sesamo") that uses machine-learning to gather nutritional information and recommend personalized and healthy recipes. The students created a blueprint for a hypothetical algorithm without actually programming it. 

The Deeper Learning approach includes phases of (1) instruction and acquisition, (2) co-creation, and (3) presentation of learning artifacts. Based on knowledge acquisition, learners solve problems creatively, reflect on them and thus acquire future skills. 

Please find some of the final pitches for the project below. Two of the startup teams have even produced a video explaining their ideas in more detail.




Ape Earth Pitch




My Kitchen Pitch




Sesamo Pitch