Preschool-12 Dual Language Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

Middle School (5-8)



Transition to Adolescence: Inspiring Growth and Academic Skills in Middle School

Our middle school spans grades 5 to 8 and offers a safe, supportive and challenging place for students to make the transition from childhood to adolescence. Our program aims to inspire students to expand their academic skills and independence while supporting their personal development and growth.


Meeting the Unique Needs of Middle School Students


We recognize that the middle school years require creativity, personalized attention and a rich, engaging curriculum to bring out the best in students. Each student is part of a homeroom class with one teacher who not only provides academic, but also social-emotional support.

Highly-qualified subject specialists teach a variety of academic disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics, P.E., art and music. Languages of instruction are German and English. Starting in grade 6, students also have the opportunity to learn French and Spanish.

Inclusive and Enriching

Our middle school is open to students of all levels of the German school system (Hauptschule, Realschule, Gymnasium). In consideration of our diverse community of learners, our differentiated teaching approach supports students at different levels and with different learning styles. We use innovative technology as a tool for enhanced independent and collaborative learning. Upon middle school entry, students receive their own iPad, and starting in grade 8, each student works with his/her own laptop. Several theme-based days each year deepen the hands-on exposure to concepts and subjects. We also encourage our students to participate in community service projects as well as in international math and science contests. Enriching field trips to local destinations such as NASA, the Stanford library and art and science museums complement the school setting with real-life experiences. Students are also actively involved in the planning of an annual four-day overnight class trip.



Middle Schoolers Graduate Ready for High School: Ambitious, Creative, and Responsible Learners

Students leave the middle school as ambitious, creative, self-motivated and responsible learners, well-prepared to meet the demands and challenges of high school.

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