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More About DSD & AP German Exams






For students in our High School program, we offer the AP German Exam
and the Deutsches Sprachdiplom (DSD) I and II Exam.


The primary goal of these exams is to provide official proof of linguistic competency to students who are dedicated to study at a University (either in the US or Germany), or who are interested in careers where German is a prerequisite.
Our students do not have to choose between DSD and AP; we encourage to do them all, and prepare for University in both the US and Germany.

The GISSV Saturday School is a recognized and accredited institution for offering DSD & AP German exam prep courses. For our DSD exam prep courses, we work closely with the Bunderverwaltungsamt in Germany via our German Schools Abroad delegate Dr. Vera Dindoyal. For our AP exam prep courses, we work with the College Board and the GISSV AP Coordinator.


Benefits of DSD1 and DSD2
The Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz (German Language Diploma of the Education Ministers Conference), or short DSD of KMK, can be obtained by high school students as a certificate proving German language proficiency on two levels. The exams are designed to test the language proficiency level ranging from A2 - B1 (DSD1) and from B2 - C1 (DSD2) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and test the listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing skills, and oral communication of the candidate.

  • DSD1 provides students with the linguistic qualification for study at the German Studienkolleg.
  • DSD2 is recognized by all German Universities as proof of language ability required from foreign students who want to study in Germany. Please note that for a student coming from a US high school, the DSDII alone is only a part of the application to a University in Germany--the part that certifies the student is linguistically competent to attend university courses in German. Students must also complete additional academic requirements in their high school. Please consult this website as a first point of reference.
  • Prepare for college-level work in Germany. DSD2 coursework provides a first foundation for students who wish to study in Germany.

Benefits of Advanced Placement German
AP stands for "Advanced Placement," American college-level courses available to high school students. AP courses provide a challenge for motivated students who are interested in working more intensively in their field of choice. AP courses allow students to begin earning credit toward a college degree.


  • Explore more challenging coursework. AP work offers students the opportunity to work independently and with students who are as excited by the subject as they are.
  • Improve college applications. Admissions officers recognize the work and commitment required by AP courses. Having AP classes as part of the course schedule improves the application profile.
  • Prepare for college-level work. AP coursework provides a solid foundation for work in college.
  • Get ahead in college. Earning college credit in high school allows the student to advance more rapidly through both the major and general education requirements.
  • Save money on tuition. Every course a student does not have to take in college is money saved.


Participating in any of these exams requires a serious commitment from the students and the support of the student's family. The work load and required maturity level especially for the DSD2 exam are challenging.
The DSD exams may only be re-taken if the student fails completely (which is unlikely, as we pre-screen our candidates). If a student attains only the lower level, i.e. the A2 level for DSD1 or the B2 level for DSD2, this is the student's final exam outcome. While virtually all German Universities accept the DSD2 at the C1 level as proof of German language proficiency required for admission, they may reject a student with a B2 level DSD2. Therefore, it is important for students to consider and commit to their language goals. The Saturday School staff and administration are always available to support and advise them.


If you wish to discuss your child's ultimate language goals, and potential exam readiness, please contact the Head of Saturday School at