Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area


GISSV exposures students to sports through physical education (PE) classes, afternoon activities, and league competition.

We have been members of the Small Schools Intermediate League since 2010 and have participated in middle school soccer, volleyball, cross country and swimming competitions within the league. GISSV became an Associate Member in the California Interscholastic Federation Central Coast Section for high school sports in 2013. We field High School Girls Volleyball and Coed Soccer teams.

As GISSV grows and its league commitments increase, the overall concept and character of sports at GISSV will undergo some changes. In general, GISSV sports will become more competitive. This will in turn require greater commitment, time management and sacrifices from our athletes, especially as the number and length of practices during sport seasons gradually increase. Because league schools are from around the greater Bay Area, travel time and distances can also be expected to increase.

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