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In January 2016, GISSV took a big step forward in fostering environmental consciousness and sustainability on campus: We adopted a plan to become an “Eco-School.”


The Eco-School program started in 1992 after the first and crucial United Nations conference on the Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro. The program was born in response to the needs identified at this conference. Since then, more than 48,000 schools in nearly 60 countries participate in this initiative, which encourages participation from everyone: students, teachers, school staff, parents and the local community. The program not only improves the school environment, but it also encourages environmental sustainability and stewardship on the school campus, in the local community and globally.

GISSV formally adopted the Eco-School program in January 2016 and will implement it in three stages. Completing each stage will earn GISSV a respective award: the Bronze Award, the Silver Award, and eventually, the Green Flag Award, the highest award in the Eco-Schools program.

At the end of our 2015/2016 school year, we reached our goal and got the award of the bronze flag. Many steps into the direction of the silver flag are already made. Our school community agreed on three pathways with regard to environment protection for the school years 2016/2017 and 2017/2018: “consumption and waste”, “healthy school” and the mandatory topic “energy”. The “GISSV Goes Green“ project week, successful participation in the „Greenlight“- Festival, “Walk-/Bike-/Roll-to-School Day”, ecological topics in our curriculum, field trips to environmental institutions nearby and numerous other activities are the living proof for the education of an environmental awareness and stewardship, linked to our curriculum. In Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's words:

In the living nature nothing happens that is not in connection with the whole.

It is this connection that we want to establish at our school: „GISSV Goes Green.“

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