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30th Anniversary of the German Reunification

After the Allies had divided Germany into military occupation zones after WWII - the later Federal Republic of Germany (West) and the German Democratic Republic (East) were eventually reunified in 1990. 

On October 3, 2020 Germany commemorates the 30th anniversary of the German Reunification. 

GISSV Community Celebration

Online Event on Friday, October 2, 2020 at 10 am

With Guest Speaker Mario Röllig and an exciting supporting program! Look forward to German Consul General Hans-Ulrich Südbeck giving a speech, musical performances by our students and community members, an informative Q&A, and more.


Guest Speaker: Eyewitness Mario Röllig

Röllig lectures and gives tours at the Hohenschönhausen Memorial Museum, the former Stasi prison in Berlin, and is a member of the Association for the Victims of Stalinism (VOS).

1987, at the age of 19, he attempted flight from the GDR and was incarcerated in Hohenschönhausen after being arrested in Hungary. After the Federal Republic of Germany purchased his freedom in 1988 he experienced the German Reunification from West Germany a few years later. 

Gedenkstätte Berlin Hohenschönhausen (German):
Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial (English):

Youtube: Mario Röllig: Kein Ende wie in "Das Leben der Anderen"

Special GISSV Student Project 


Art Project: Einheit

Our 10th graders in Ms. Wenk's Art class worked on a photography project about unity (Einheit).

Students Work: Art Project EINHEIT
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German Music

Our students and their families are part of the German-speaking community. Some students have multiple connection points to Germany, Austria or Switzerland, other students are here to learn a language neither parent speaks.

In light of the German Unity Day, music teacher Ms. Roedig asked students in classes 7a and 8b what comes to their minds when asked about "German" music in a broad sense.

See here the presentation they put together with some of the music choices along with accompanying information, commentary by the students, and audio examples:

My German music / Was ist deutsche Musik für mich? 
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30 years, 30 voices, 30 videos

A Video Project by the German Consulate General, San Francisco

This video series is celebrating 30 years of German reunification. With 30 Years, 30 Voices, 30 Videos 30 outstanding personalities playing a vital role in promoting German-American friendship and cooperation in diverse fields are sharing their personal contemplations.

See all videos on the Consulate's Social Media Channels:  
Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin.




30th Anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution and German Reunification

Page of the German  Federal Government Commission on the Event(s): Germany: Coming Together as One (Deutschland ist Eins: Vieles)

Do you know the story of the slabs of the Berlin Wall at the Mountain View Library?



"A decades-old story of friendship and freedom is written in graffiti on a slab of concrete torn from the Berlin Wall and displayed outside a Mountain View library.

Two large slabs from the wall were donated to the city a couple years ago by Frank and Kunigunde Golzen, a Mountain View couple who bought them shortly after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989."

Read on here.