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Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

Musical Theater Night 2018I19
Musical Theater Night 2018I19

The students from our Musical Theater groups blew us away Friday night!

With the opener "Ring Ring: Why don't you give me a call?" the group of High School students presented a musical in six entertaining vignettes cleverly combined both powerful messages and entertainment for all. Following our middle schoolers accompanied by the elementary choir presented "Asterix und Obelix - das Musical" with cheering songs and a silent movie especially produced for this event.

Thanks to the production team and the talented cast the Musical Theater Night was a big hit!

"Asterix & Obelix - der Stummfilm" (silent movie)

Our Middle School Musical Theater group produced a fun silent movie for the play. Thank you to parents Silvia Reddy (concept) and Uli Romahn (film direction)!