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GISSV is partnering with the Hasso-Plattner-Institut (HPI) and the creation of this digital lecture series called Learn · Design · Innovate is the first collaboration.

All of GISSV High School students, plus other students from our fellow German Schools Abroad in North America, participate in the lecture series. 

Given the value-filled event, we welcome any interested parent or staff to join. Please see your emails for the invitation and the event link(s).





#01: December 2, 2020  |  Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann (HPI)
How Data and Algorithms Are Shaping Our Lives (Presentation)

> Kick-Off Event with a special welcome
   by German Consul General Hans-Ulrich Südbeck.

#05: February 25, 2021 | Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel (HPI, Director and CEO)
Machine Learning: Die Wirklichkeit hinter künstlicher Intelligenz
(Presentation - in German)

> Special Greetings by: President of KMK Ministerin Britta Ernst,
   Head of ZfA Heike Toledo, and Consul General Hans-Ulrich Südbeck

#11: March 8, 2022 | Caterina Mandel
(Product Owner Apps at luca-app, HPI Alumna)
Why I Wanted to Work in IT and
How I Became a Product Owner of one of Germany’s Most Popular Apps


Special Women's Day Guest: Beate Antonich, Scientific Liaison Officer at the German Consulate General (and GISSV parent)

#12: April 5, 2022 | Dr. Frank Pawlitschek 
(HPI | ubitricity)
Enabling Entrepreneurial Impact: Following Your Own Ideas
and Making a Difference


Special Greetings by: German Consul General Oliver Schramm 


Message from Prof. Dr. Meinel



Event links 
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If you are from one of our
fellow German Schools
of North America,
the event links are available
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Prof. Dr. 
Christoph Meinel  

Director and CEO of the Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Engineering gGmbH (HPI) and Dean of the Digital Engineering Faculty of the Potsdam University

About Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel

Prof. Dr. 
Bert Arnrich  

Head of the Chair, Professor for Digital Health - Connected Healthcare (Joint Digital-Engineering Faculty of HPI and the University of Potsdam)

About Prof. Dr. Bert Arnrich  

Prof. Dr.
Patrick Baudisch

Professor in Computer Science at HPI/ Potsdam University and chair of the Human Computer Interaction Lab.

About Prof. Dr.
Patrick Baudisch

Prof. Dr.
Gerard de Melo

Professor, Chair of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems HPI/ University of Potsdam. Visiting Professor at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA.

About Prof. Dr.
Gerard de Melo

Thomas J. Fuchs, DSc

Dean of Artificial Intelligence and Human Health and Co-Director of HPI for Digital Health at Mount Sinai

About Thomas J. Fuchs, DSc

Prof. Dr.
Katharina Hölzle

Head of the Research Group IT-Entrepreneurship (Joint Digital-Engineering Faculty of HPI and the University of Potsdam)

About Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle, MBA

Daniel Köhler

Research Associate and Ph.D. Student (Joint Digital-Engineering Faculty of HPI and the University of Potsdam)

About Daniel Köhler

Prof. Dr.
Anja Lehmann

Chair for Cybersecurity - Identity Management (Joint Digital-Engineering Faculty of HPI and the University of Potsdam)

About Prof. Dr. Anja Lehmann

Caterina Mandel

Product Owner Apps at luca-app, M. Sc. Student IT-Systems Engineering/ HPI Alumna

Caterina Mandel 
on LinkedIn

Assoc. Prof.
Stefanie Mueller

Associate Professor MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
MIT Computer Science and AI Laboratory,
Head of the HCI Engineering Group, HPI Alumna 

About Assoc. Prof.
Stefanie Mueller

Prof. Dr.
Felix Naumann

Professor for Information Systems (Joint Digital-Engineering Faculty of HPI and the University of Potsdam)

About Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Sebastian Pasewaldt

CEO at Digital Masterpieces and HPI Research Staff / Fellow (Joint Digital-Engineering Faculty of HPI and the University of Potsdam)

About Sebastian Pasewaldt

Frank Pawlitschek

Director School of Entrepreneurship at HPI | Managing Director HPI Seed Fund | Founder ubitricity

About Dr. Frank Pawlitschek