Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

GISSV Goes Green Project Week

The environment has influenced us since the beginning of time and will influence us in the generations to come. In order to become aware of the changes in the balance of what we consume and produce, as well as acquiring the abilities to reduce personal impact on the already strained environment, our biennial project week is dedicated to the “GISSV Goes Green” initiative, giving our students an opportunity to act.

The 2017 "GISSV Goes Green" days take place June 12-14. Students from preschool through high school at each GISSV campus participate in a project of their choice. One of the project groups, the Eco Journalists, is reporting on this week's activities on this page.




Bee Project

Intelligent Vehicle

Transform yourself into a dwarf!

Outdoor Games and Adventures

Water Quality Around the Globe