Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area


Written by Annika S., Marena G.-W., Sloane M., grade 7

The students in the eco-anthem group created a song and a music video for GISSV Goes Green. For them it was important to inspire others to help the environment.

The song is about encouraging others to help save the planet and to recycle. They wanted to show others that the GISSV community is exited and active in helping the planet. They have recorded a song and music video. The video is a reflection of the song, covering the topics of our eco-school and environment.


Die Gruppe "Eco-Anthem" erstellt ein Lied und ein Musikvideo für das GISSV Goes Green Projekttage. Für sie ist es wichtig andere zu inspirieren dem Planeten zu helfen. Der Song handelt davon andere zu ermutigen der Umwelt zu helfen ,,GO GREEN". Sie wollen zeigen wie andere an der GISSV-Gemeinschaft aktiv sind und umweltbewusst leben.