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Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

Counselor in Training Program Age 15 - 18


Through our CIT program, we invite high school students who speak German to immerse themselves into language and teaching for up to four weeks.

CITs do not have to speak German perfectly (in fact, we hope that students will use this opportunity to practice!). They do have to be able to follow all-German instruction and commit to speaking only in German themselves.

CITs always work in the classrooms with at least one GISSV educator. By assisting in our camp programs for children ages 3 - 10, CITs can:

  • gain experience in teaching and education
  • receive high school volunteer hours
  • practice German
  • participate in fun activities

Registration opens on February 29 at midnight.

Enrollment for Summer Camp is on a first come, first served basis.
Registration will close on June 1st.

CIT Schedule and Registration

Like our campers, CITS can sign up full-day or half-day for individual or all weeks of camp.
Half-day can be for AM Camp (9am - 1pm) or PM Camp (12pm - 4pm). Full-day is 9am - 4pm.
All CITs participate in lunch, partly to help organize games for campers, and partly so they themselves can participate in the camp community, and have time to interact with instructors and camp managers outside of the classroom as well.

Register as a CIT through our camp registration on a first come, first served basis.

During registration, CITs choose which program(s) they wish to participate in, KinderCamp (Age 3-5), Vorschule Camp (Age 5-6), or Elementary School Camp (Age 6-9). Different programs can be chosen each week. To get a sense of what the different programs are like, click below.

CIT Mentoring

CITs will be mentored by the instructors they pair with for each week. In addition, the camp managers will host weekly CIT Meetings, where CITs can ask questions, and discuss their career thoughts (and eat ice cream!). The GISSV's Head of Saturday School and Camp Administration Jennifer Marsh also offers CITs to book one-on-one meetings.

CIT Program Cost

There is a one-time fee of $50 to sign up as a CIT. This covers our administrative costs and CIT T-shirt. CITs can receive high school volunteer hours for their work, and get a certificate at the end of their volunteer service.