Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area


GISSV offers a wide variety of music learning and performance opportunities. All students have Music from grades 1 through 9 as part of their subject schedule. The Classroom Music program at GISSV follows German curriculum standards, which are aimed at providing a well-rounded exposure to and experience with music.


Classroom Music Grades 1-4

In the Classroom Music program, students learn to...

  • Create music by learning, shaping and improvising music with their voices and instruments;
  • Listen to music by experiencing and describing its effect, as well as describing and analyzing its components and context;
  • Transform music by expressing sound through movement, acting and visuals.

Strings Program

For grades 3 and 4, students may choose to participate in the Strings Class, in place of Classroom Music. The Strings program offers the opportunity to learn either violin, viola, or cello in a group setting. 

Classroom Music Grades 5-9

In grades 5 through 9 all students continue Music Class together, following the Middle-School curriculum. The school's extracurricular music program offers several opportunities for students continuing with string instruments.


Extracurricular Program


  • Orchestra
  • Choir(s)


  • Musical Theatre
  • Recorder Class
  • Student Groups
  • Private Instruction

Our After-School Music programs are open to all students, as well as parents and teachers. It includes grade 5 & 6 String Class (for continuing students) Junior and Senior Orchestra, Choir, musicals, private lessons (winds, strings & voice), and more. Between the school's various music programs, the GISSV Community benefits from a rich array of regular music performances.