Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

German Saturday School at GISSV

On Saturdays, we offer German language and culture to all members of our extended community.

All classes are on the Mountain View campus, 310 Easy Street, and with few exceptions meet Saturdays, from 9:30am - noon.

For families with toddlers, and for preschoolers, we offer language-immersive play groups. A great way to pick up a second (or third) language early, and to make new multicultural friends! For these age groups, all language levels are mixed and welcome!

Starting with Kindergarteners, we teach German academically, and focus on conversation as well as phonetics, reading, and writing. Throughout K-6, we have several entry points for Beginners, and will advise you on where your child best fits.

After Elementary School, we present a sequence of academically rigorous Middle and High School language courses, and can offer up to 4 years of HS and college prep course credit. The goal for our students is the AP German exam, and additionally to prepare for language examinations offered by the German government which partially certify foreign students for university study in Germany. We commit to advise our students about high school credits, exams, and study abroad, and look forward to sharing our expertise and resources with you! Admission into this program is reserved for students who have completed our Elementary School program, or who can join us with previous academic German education at the A2/B1 level.

Lastly, we offer conversation-focused courses for adults, too! Join us for engaging and results-oriented German for Beginners (A1) all the way to the native speaker level (C1). These courses are offered at the same time on Saturday as our kids' courses (great for parents), and also on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings.


Enrollment Is always possible for the fall and spring semesters. If you find us in between semester start dates, email us at to join our interest list for the upcoming semester.

Our Mission

The Saturday School at the German International School of Silicon Valley fosters language immersion as a method of teaching German as a second language. With the first day in class, from toddlers to adult learners, the Saturday School teachers use German as their primary means of instruction.

Why Bilingualism?

  • Bilingualism has economic advantages in life reflecting the global economic changes
  • Bilingualism nurtures flexible and divergent thinking
  • Bilingualism increases the self-esteem and the self-confidence
  • Bilingualism enables thinking outside the cultural box
  • Bilingualism opens borders and communication systems

Why German?

  • German is the second-most-often taught foreign language in Europe (Over 100 million Europeans are native speakers of German placing German among the top ten in the number of native speakers among world languages)
  • The largest concentration of German speakers outside Europe is in the United States and Canada.
  • Germany is one of the largest contributors to research and development in the world
  • Germany plays an vital leadership role economically, financially, and politically role in the European Union and the world
  • Germany remains powerful in the arts, literature, philosophy, and psychology


Questions? or Tel: (650) 254 0748, Fax: (650) 254 0749


Is German a prerequisite for my child to attend?

Yes and No. No German is required for the elementary level. Yes, at the intermediate level (age 9 and upward). If the student has no prior knowledge of German s/he has to work at least one hour/week in addition to our 2.5 school hours/week.

Can my child start school at the beginning of the second semester?

Yes. Your child can also join our classes in the middle of each school year, provided that we have space available, and that the level is appropriate.

How are students placed?

Students are assigned to classes based on factors like age, maturity level, academic performance, social needs, learning styles, and possibly a placement test.

If I / my child have never taken a German language class what course is appropriate?

Students register for a beginning German language course according to their age.

How can parents actively participate in the German Saturday School?

There are many events for parents to get involved in our school such as volunteering at festive events or attending our annual parent meeting.

I / My child registered for a course that is either too difficult or too easy. What should I do?

Speak with your instructor and we will find another class that matches your skill level.

As a native or heritage speaker of German, do I have to take a placement exam?

Yes. You are possibly required to take the placement exam. Consult with the principal.

My children come from a German speaking background, however, we do not speak German at home. How do you place our child?

No problem. We place children according to their age and ability.

How do I register?

Click on online registration located on the GISSV website under Saturday School. Fill out first the contact information, second the emergency form, next proceed to select a course, and finally pay the tuition and registration fee. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Does the German Saturday School follow the regular school calendar?

Almost. We start every Saturday after Labor Day and finish the third Saturday in January. Students attend 15 sessions per semester.

What is the earliest age my child can attend the German Saturday School?

We offer classes from toddler to adult. Minimum age is 12 months.

Is it possible for my child to start at German Saturday School partway through the year?

Yes. If there is a place available in a class suitable for your child it may be possible. Principal, student, and parents meet and discuss the available options.

What materials or text books will my child need?

For each class parents & students will receive a syllabus with detailed information about the course and textbooks. The textbooks are ordered by the school.

Will there be any homework?

Most class levels have some basic assignments and vocabulary to learn each week, however, this will not require a huge huge time commitment.

Are all the teachers at German Saturday School native speakers?

All teachers at the German Saturday School are native speakers or have native speaker quality.

Do the classes match up with regular school classes and will my child change classes each year?

We determine classes by age, maturity, and skill level. Each class is fairly even in regards to age.

Can I arrange to have a tour of the Saturday School at GISSV?

Individual tours can be arranged by simply signing up on the GISSV-Saturday School Webpage.

What are the fees for the German Saturday School and when do I have to pay them?

Cost per semester: $525 ($475 2nd family member; $425 3rd family member - grades 1-10). All prices are per semester, non-refundable and due on enrollment. Textbooks and registration fee are included.

Is there a report system in place?

Children receive a mid-year report card and a final report card at the end of the school year. Parents are encouraged to discuss and monitor their child’s progress throughout the year and can always talk to the teacher either before or after class.

What are the hours of the school?

School runs from 9:30 am to 12 pm on Saturdays. Children have a short break during the morning when they can have a snack (bring one from home) and spend some time in the playground. Children are supervised at all times. We also offer classes during the week (evenings/day). See our schedule.

Where is the school located?

Our address and phone number are:

German Saturday School at German International School of Silicon Valley
310 Easy Street, Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: (+1) 650-254-0748 • Fax : (+1) 650-254-0749

How big are the classes?

Class sizes vary, from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 or 11 students. For adult classes and exam prep courses, we may have a class of up to 15 students.

Can I attend a class to get a first impression of how things work?

Of course, just let us know and we can arrange a visit to one of the classes.


For all questions relating to the Saturday School, please email us at

This address reaches the Head of Saturday School Jennifer Marsh and Deputy Head of Saturday School Karin Rüscher.