Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
Three Locations in the Bay Area

Sabine Hollatz, Adult Class, Level A2
Sabine Hollatz, Adult Class, Level A2

My parents and teachers emphasized how important it is to learn English. "It is the language that opens many doors," they said. Of course, they were right; when we moved to the U.S. speaking English made the new beginning so much easier.

However, now I live in the wonderful diverse Bay Area, where people are interested in learning all kinds of languages that can open doors for them as well. Being a part of this diversity not only by living here but also by teaching my native language at the Saturday School is a fulfilling work for me and connects me with the Bay Area on a deeper level.

Education: First and Second State Examination in K-12 teaching chemistry and biology, University of Lüneburg and School Ministry of Hamburg. Diploma in educational science with elective 'German as a second language', University of Lüneburg.

Years in Education: 6