Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

Afternoon Activities

German language classes in the morning are complemented by a fun-filled afternoon program that introduces students to sports, music, art and other activities in both German and English. All activities are mixed age for the Elementary School PM Camp and Middle School PM Camp. Following a supervised lunch from 12 to 1 pm, there are two afternoon activity slots:
1pm- 2:20pm, and 2:40pm-4pm. In each slot, we offer 4 different activities that also vary from week to week.

Students choose ONE activity for EACH slot, for one week at a time.
*Please note that International Cooking Class is a double-length activity that will take up both slots.

Below is a full description of all afternoon activities we will offer over the four weeks of camp. Not each activity is available each week. Download the full camp overview here.

The weeks and time slots are indicated below as follows:

Boost Your Intelligence

Intelligence is the key for a successful and happy life—and the good news is: it can be learned! We’ll introduce the “Cognitive Training for Children Developmental Program” developed by German psychologist Karl Josef Klauer to help your kids to learn and to better solve problems.


Calling all artists! This fun and exciting drawing class is taught by a professional cartoonist. Laugh your head off as we draw several popular themes including Star Wars, Pokémon and pals and other popular themes. Learn the basics of drawing, color and design.
$10 materials fee due on first day.

Comic Book Design

This class is designed for the new or returning student interested in creating their own set of character cards. Each child will draw each character and write a description on the back. These characters will be added to their comic book or cover. Learn the art of character design, composition, layout, comic lettering and character introduction.
$10 materials fee due on first day.

European Traveler

Europe is a diverse continent. Our adventure goes through Italy, France, Germany and Austria and we will explore the geography, history and culture of each country along the way. We will travel with handmade maps and passports and will have hands-on fun with country-specific crafts.

Game Board Design

Students will use their imagination to create their very own board game in German or English. Students will learn game board design and layout. Each student will receive their own professional folding game board, timer, dice, pawns, a blank spinner, cards and play money!
$25 materials fee due on first day.

Get Moving

Get outside, run around, and play! We will play traditional and new German ball and outdoor games, go on “Schnitzeljagd” (scavenger hunts), and stretch it out with some Gymnastics.

International Cooking Class*

Cooking and eating with friends and family is a rewarding bonding activity that will form some of your most cherished memories. In this class, we will be cooking recipes from all over the world—join us on an exciting culinary journey! Please note: This activity meets for the whole afternoon.

Let´s Dance

Students will dance to German pop songs and help develop choreography. We’ll make a video of our flash mob performance at the end of every week, and share it with all participants. Join us!

Mad Scientist

Science plays an important role in helping children explore and understand the world around them. In this hands-on class, we will be learning about biology, chemistry and physics by conducting experiments, observing our environment and recording our results.

Music & Rhythmik

We will learn German standards from traditional to pop—sing, move, and play instruments. Additional exercises for holistic and creative body-mind stimulation according to the German pedagogical concept of Rhythmik.

Pirate Adventures

Through a series of games, art and puzzles, crew members learn about the exciting life of pirates! Design your own island with a secret treasure map. Send secret messages with signal flags. Try your luck at our Caribbean limbo contest and play sea life trivia with water balloons. Learn to fence with Nerf swords, play our Island Madness game and try not to walk the plank!
$20 materials fee due on first day.

Secret Agent Adventures

Mystery in the Black Forest! Go undercover and create several cool spy gadgets that will help you crack the case. Our daily Secret Agent training will teach you many valuable spy skills such as dusting for fingerprints, decoding mysterious codes and creating secret messages. Top-secret team challenges such as our spy obstacle course and laser crawl game will prepare you to become a great secret agent.
$20 materials fee due on first day.

Star Wars Adventures

For the new or returning Jedi, travel to a galaxy far, far away….Draw an exciting scene from the new movie. Create an Ewok or Yoda puppet and decorate Wookie cookies and other Star War delights. Make your own lightsaber and perfect your skills in our Jedi Academy. Create a paper Millennium Falcon or Naboo Starfighter. Play several Star Wars games and compete for prizes.
$25 materials fee due on first day.

Textile Design

Experiment with textile materials such as fabric, wool and yarn, and learn how to crochet, felt, knit, sew, weave and braid! We’ll make both useful and fanciful objects.

Time Machine Detectives

Dr. Slime has gone back in time and taken 10 T-Rex dinosaur eggs. Now he has hidden them around the world! Your mission is to build a time machine and travel back in time and find the eggs…before they hatch!
$15 materials fee due on first day.

Yoga & Mindfulness

In an increasingly hectic world, children are constant stimulated. Yoga can provide your child with the necessary tools to calm their nervous system and to relax! We will teach basic yoga poses and meditation practices in a fun and playful way. There are many benefits of yoga for children such as developing body awareness, learning how to use their bodies in a healthy way, building concentration, and increasing their confidence and positive self-image.