Preschool-12 Bilingual Education in
Two Locations in the Bay Area

Elementary School Camp: Age 6-9

Our camp for kids age 6-9 blends classroom study of the German language in the morning with engaging activities in the afternoon. In the classroom, our instructors teach in German exclusively, no matter the level of German.

Afternoon Activities are more active and social, and instructors will involve everyone by speaking primarily German, but also English.

Our camp is a week-long or multi-week intensive immersive German environment that brings students closer to the language and culture, and to their peers who share a connection with or interest in German.

Download the full camp schedule here.

AM Camp: Immersive Language Classrooms

For the age group 6-9, we offer three language classrooms in the morning: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. There will be at least one teacher for every 10 students. All materials are provided, and will be mostly new to students who also attend the GISSV full-time school or Saturday School.

Beginner: Age 6-9

Lessons include:

  • basic communication: introduction, asking questions
  • phonetics & spelling
  • basic vocabulary, incl. articles
  • negation
  • conjugation of verbs sein, haben

This class is for students who:

  • are total newcomers to the German language
  • are younger and may have had some German exposure, but are not fluent, and cannot read or write in German

Intermediate: Age 6-9

Lessons include:

  • more complex, context-aware communication
  • writing short sentences & stories
  • conjugation of common verbs
  • present and past tense
  • correct use of prepositions

This class is for students who:

  • can communicate well in German, but may not know how to read and write in German
  • may have attended 1-2 years at full-time GISSV or Saturday School, or similar program

Advanced: Age 6-9

Lessons include:

  • role-play, complex narratives
  • writing longer stories
  • present, perfect, past tense
  • review of personal and possessive pronouns

This class is for students who:

  • can communicate in German, and can read and write in German
  • have attended 3-4 years at full-time GISSV or Saturday School, or similar program

PM Camp: Afternoon Activities

German language classes in the morning are complemented by a fun-filled afternoon program that introduces students to sports, music, art and other activities in both German and English. All activities are mixed age for the Elementary School Camp and Middle School Camp. Choose your activities by week here!

What else do we need to know?

Students can enroll for each week for either all day (9am - 4pm), or just the AM camp (9am - 1pm: language classes + supervised lunch), or just the PM camp (12pm - 4pm: supervised lunch + afternoon activities). See Tuition.
Extended Care is available before and after camp, and can be added on as needed for each week of camp.

All materials included. Download a list of what to bring here.

Nut-free AM and PM snacks are provided. Bring your own lunch, or order lunch through My Green Lunch. Click here to download their summer menu.