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Annual Fund

The GISSV Annual Fund provides an immediate, yearly opportunity to perpetuate GISSV’s high academic standards and diverse community. Gifts of all sizes ensure that the GISSV experience remains consistently exceptional for every student, every year.

The Annual Fund runs from September to June and is the foremost component of GISSV’s fundraising efforts. It supports many aspects of the school, but at its heart it allows us to continually invest in our programs, staff and ultimately, our students. The Annual Fund enables us to improve science and technology resources; to expand our sports program; to continually improve our facilities; to fund new musical instruments and enhance our performing art spaces; to support the general operating budget and the school's greatest needs. In a nutshell, it helps deliver the programs, activities and facilities that make GISSV a remarkable place to learn.

Every gift is important and your involvement allows us to nurture and sustain the qualities that set our school apart.

Your gift is an investment in our students—donate today!

GISSV is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and gifts to the Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible in the U.S. (Tax ID # 77-0530703).

Pledges are payable by June 30; however, many donors contribute before December 31 to take advantage of a tax deduction for the current year.

Additional Questions?


Annual Fund FAQ

Why is the school implementing a fundraising program?

In the USA, private schools raise large sums of money every year in order to enhance their programs, build endowments and generally to invest in the future of the school. A quality international education is expensive and we are working hard to meet families’ growing demands and needs. In order to offer additional opportunities to our students in regards to facilities, equipment and instruction, GISSV’s Board of Trustees has implemented a fundraising program to ensure that the school continues to strive for excellence in education. Tuition and the funding by the German government alone will not cover these expenses and in order for GISSV to be ranked among the Bay Area’s top bilingual schools, we will need to work together to pool our resources. To enable GISSV to flourish now and into the future, we rely upon the financial support of parents, faculty, staff and friends who make up the GISSV community.

We already pay tuition. Why do we also have to give to the Annual Fund?

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating a child. A healthy Annual Fund allows us to keep tuition competitive but also affordable and encourages a greater level of diversity among the student body. Also, there are tax laws in the U.S. that are designed to encourage voluntary support of independent institutions like GISSV. GISSV is an incorporated nonprofit organization, allowing Annual Fund gifts to be tax-deductible. Tuition is not tax-deductible.

Who gives?

It is our hope that all members of our community will share this responsibility and choose to support the GISSV Annual Fund.

Why is participation important?

The Annual Fund unites the entire school community behind the common goal of supporting our students. The higher the participation, the more we can achieve for our school. In addition, foundations and other outside organizations to whom we appeal for support expect high levels of participation from our current constituents when considering gifts and grants, as they indicate that the GISSV community is strong, united, committed to the mission of the school and worthy of outside support. Participation rates are also important for the evaluation by outside accrediting bodies such as the CAIS (California Association of Independent Schools). One of the key areas that these groups investigate is parent participation and giving to the school.

How much should I give?

Every gift, regardless of size, makes a difference. The amount you choose to give is up to you. We ask that you make a meaningful gift based on your personal situation. Please remember that every gift counts and is spent on programming for the current year. Last year’s gifts ranged from $5 to more than $15,000.

I am not able to make a big gift. Is my participation really necessary?

Yes! EVERY Annual Fund gift makes a difference. Foundations look for high parent participation (the percentage of parents supporting the Annual Fund, not the amount of individual gifts) as a criterion for awarding limited grant dollars. Bond-rating agencies consider participation as an indicator of the school’s financial stability. Potential major donors look for this demonstration of parent commitment in making large gifts. Plus, gifts of any amount have an impact somewhere in the school.

Doesn’t GISSV already have enough money?

We are extremely fortunate to operate with a solid balance sheet, made possible by both prudent financial management, support from the German government and the generosity of our community. That said, the exceptional educational experience we deliver requires the combination of tuition, funding by the German government and robust Annual Fund giving each year.

How do I make a gift to the Annual Fund?

Donations can be made by cash, check, credit card or stock. We welcome pledges and gifts anytime, payable by June 30th. You may make a single gift or set up a payment plan. Payment online through the school’s website is convenient and accessible through this link. You can also call the Development Office at 650-254-0748 or send your gift to our office at 310 Easy Street, Mountain View, CA 94043.

When should I make my Annual Fund gift?

We encourage early participation, but you can make a gift at any time. GISSV operates on a fiscal year which begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Many donors choose to make their gifts closer to the end of the calendar year, in order to take advantage of the IRS tax benefit in that year.

When can I expect to be asked for a contribution to the Annual Fund?

We will send you detailed information in September, which will describe in greater detail how contributions are used to augment your child’s educational experience.

Will I be recognized for my gift?

Your name will be listed alphabetically within giving levels in the Annual Report. If you wish to remain anonymous, however, we will of course respect your wishes. We will acknowledge your donation with a thank you letter and receipt for tax purposes. Most importantly, you will have the gratitude of the entire GISSV community!

What are matching gifts?

Matching gifts are a wonderful way to double, sometimes triple the impact of your gift. Many companies will match the philanthropic contributions of their employees, some matching the gifts of spouses and/or retirees. Check with your company’s HR office to see if your company participates in such a program and obtain the appropriate forms or visit the Corporate Matching Gifts page for more information.

I support events at the school. Why do I also need to give to the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is the foremost way families are asked to support our school. 100% of Annual Fund gifts are put to use immediately for enriching the current year’s program and are critical to the school’s financial stability. Even if you participate in other fundraising activities, we ask every family by make an Annual Fund gift that is a meaningful expression of your commitment to the educational program. Remember that purchases of auction items, tickets and drawing tickets are not tax-deductible and the costs of event production impact the amount of the donation the school receives.

My family is only here temporarily or leaving at the end of the year—why should I make a donation?

Even if you know that this is your last year at GISSV, please consider that your donation will help GISSV both today and in the future. All gifts to the Annual Fund will be invested in the current school year; many investment will benefit students for years to come. Your children benefit today from donations made by other families in previous years.