Zweisprachige Schulbildung an drei Standorten in der Bay Area

Karin Denson, 5th Grade Teacher
Karin Denson, 5th Grade Teacher

I was born in Poland and moved to Germany at the age of 6. When I entered the first grade, I didn't speak any German at all. Maybe it was because of my great appreciation for my first teachers, who supported and nourished my joy of learning and my self-confidence in this new situation, that I decided to become a teacher myself.

In the Saturday School, I'd love to pass on my enthusiasm for languages and intercultural communications to every student. In the last two years, I taught art workshops at Duke University's International House and I now work as Inclusion Teacher at the GISSV SF campus.

Education: Master of Education in Special Needs Education with focus on emotional and social development, as well as support for students with speech impairment – Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany; Montessori Diploma – German Montessori Association; Certified Systemic Counselor in Pedagogical Contexts – Braunschweig, Germany

Years in Education: 14